Pocatello Zoo

Grizzly - Pocatello Zoo

Tree House - Pocatello Zoo

Bison -  - Pocatello Zoo

lynx - Pocatello Zoo

Coyote - Pocatello Zoo

spider web rope toy - Pocatello Zoo

Peacock - Pocatello Zoo

Located at 2900 South 2nd Ave. at Ross Park

Zoo Animals

The Pocatello Zoo
has many animals to see, my favorite is Charlie the Grizzly.
view full list of animals

Zoo Activities and Events

The Zoo has many activities during the summer, things like Zoo Buddies, Ice Cream Zoofari, Pocatello Zoo Boo, Zoo-4-Tots, and more. See full list events and educational programs, you may also want to get one of their fliers at the gate for more details.

More Than Just a Zoo
You not only can see the animals at the zoo, you can pet some too. They have a petting zoo which your kids will love. There is also a playground area with a huge Tree House and a rope spider web with lots of shade to take a rest at while the kids wear themselves out.

New Exhibits

The zoo is always working to improve the exhibits and living of their animals. There is a new grizzly bear exhibit proposed
that I am stoked about.
view exhibit proposal

The zoo needs help to make these great exhibits available. To make a donation follow this link and scroll near the bottom get information on making a donation. Thank you to those who make this wonderfull resource available to our community and our kids.

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