Pocatello Frisbee Disc Golf

Disc Golf Courses:

  • ISU Disc Golf Course
    2450 E. Terry St. in Pocatello
    18 holes
  • Upper Ross Park Disc Golf Course
    At Upper Ross Park in Pocatello
    9 holes
  • Blackfoot Disc Golf Course
    At Jensen Grove Park in Blackfoot
    9 holes
  • American Falls Disc Golf Course
    At Stebbins Park in American Falls
    9 holes
  • Idaho Falls Disc Golf Course
    At Freeman Park in Idaho Falls
    18 holes
  • Lava Hot Springs Disc Golf Course
    At Olympic Pool Complex in Lava Hot Springs
    9 holes
  • Lava Lion’s Club Disc Golf Course
    On S. 6th in Lava Hot Springs
    9 holes

Disc Golf Clubs

1 Response to Pocatello Frisbee Disc Golf

  1. Michael Roberts says:

    I was wondering if there is going to be a Frolf page on Facebook for the Pocatello or abouts Frolfers? Thanks Mikey

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